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'Black Man' Negative Reviews: Dwayne Johnson May Not Be DC's Savior

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The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe may be about to change with “Black Adam,” but the new movie lands low in the critical reputation hierarchy for Warner Bros.’ The last decade of superhero entries.

With reviews for the Dwayne Johnson tool this afternoon, “Black Adam” currently stands with a mediocre 32% approval rating by top reviewers on the review-aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes (54% among all reviewers) this is one of the top reviewers. It was so badly received among fans that it received a 23% approval rating, and eventually Warner Bros. It would mark the lowest such figure for a DC movie since 2017’s “Justice League”, which resulted in an overhauled version being ordered by . Form of “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” in 2021.

on a somewhat positive review for Variationlead film critic Peter Debruge conceded that “the whole point of the film was to give Black Adam an appropriately grand introduction, with the assumption that he would soon face a more deserving foe.”

While many emphasized Johnson’s performance as a key force, many were less open to the origin story. “Black Adam” marks the star’s first time hosting a superhero movie—a job where the actor’s sharp physique and commercial dominance suggest they are inevitable.

In a mildly positive review, The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw said that Johnson’s “colossal bulk, planet-sized head, and cunning talent for friction humor make him a great superhero.”

Writing for The Hollywood Reporter, critic John Defore discussed the star’s long-standing commitment to “The Black Man” and wrote that “the passion project served the character well and prepared him for adventures that we hoped would be less predictable than this.”

Joshua Yehl gave Johnson “highest marks” in his IGN review for “making his Black Man as solid and imposing as in the comics”. However, he criticized the film for being “full of undeveloped characters and excessively repetitive action sequences, to the point where the sloppy discussion of what it means to be a hero is lost in all the noise.”

Rolling Stone senior editor and film critic David Fear wrote, “Even the pleasure of watching Johnson break into a blockbuster template that seems destined to dominate cannot make up for how generic, tasteless, and inconsistent it is.”

At The Wrap, Alonso Duralde described the film as “anti-fun” and described it as “one of the most visually confusing of the mainstream studio superhero sagas”. fight scene.”

Indiewire critic David Ehrlich wrote in his review, “What happens when Hollywood’s most risk-averse movie star collides with Hollywood’s most risk-averse movie genre?” He opened the movie with a question and slid the movie. Is it the answer? “Exactly as you would expect. It’s just worse.”

ScreenCrush critic Matt Singer described the film as “pretty mediocre”, writing that the film “plays like a committee-made product designed to fill the stagnant DC Extended Universe with a massive star and a host of new heroes that will make it into future films.” After two hours of sullen table setting, there is a clear direction for DC’s cinematic future and far less interest in actually watching it.”

While promoting “Black Adam,” Johnson said there are bigger battles on the horizon for his eponymous anti-hero. Leaked videos of the movie’s final credits scene have also stirred up online conversations, providing a clue as to who Black Adam might face in the future.

Beyond his lead role, Johnson has stated that he sees himself as a potential “consultant” for DC Films. Warner Bros. Under the new leadership of CEO David Zaslav under Discovery, the upcoming roster of DC movies has become a matter of careful strategy, and Zaslav stated that the company is looking for a leader similar to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. The next decade of the studio’s comic content.