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Bloomberg: Platinum Games Attempts to Hire Bayonetta Voice Actor Hellena Taylor for About $15,000 - News

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Bloomberg reported on Tuesday Platinum Games tried to recruit bayonet Voice actor Hellena Taylor paid between $3,000 and $4,000 for four hours each for at least five sessions and for voicing the lead character in the film. bayonet 3 the game. This could add up to about $15,000 in total. According to Bloomberg, Platinum Games He stated that Taylor wanted a six-digit number in addition to the remains in the game. After lengthy negotiations, Platinum refused to audition for a new actor and auditioned. Finally, Platinum offered Taylor a cameo in the game for a session fee, but she declined.

Taylor told Bloomberg that this account was an “absolute lie” and that Platinum was “trying to save their asses and the game.”

Taylor posted a series of videos on Twitter last Saturday. bayonet 3and called for a boycott of the game. He claimed in his Twitter videos Platinum Games He had offered her a flat fee of $4,000 to reprise the role, which she considered “insulting”. She asks her fans to donate to charities instead.

Taylor – Requesting three years of training from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and four years of tutelage under her renowned acting coach Larry Moss — he told audiences about his experience of re-auditing for the role, a process he understood was necessary as voices could change over the years. After passing the audition, Taylor claimed that she had been given a “humiliating offer”. She later said that she personally wanted a better offer. Platinum Games director and bayonet-creative Hideki Kamiyafollowed by a quote of US$4,000.

Taylor stated in her videos that she suffered from depression and anxiety, and that her fear of being homeless led to suicidal thoughts. He cited current economic struggles in his home country of the United Kingdom, adding that he “couldn’t even afford to start a car” and added that he was “not afraid” of non-disclosure agreements he could break.

Taylor claimed that Platinum said the company couldn’t run things on its own schedule, but Taylor said it “has nothing but time.” famous voice actor Jennifer Hale instead it refers to the nominal role bayonet 3. Game director Yusuke Miyata told Game Informer in an October 5 article about the change: “Various overlapping circumstances have made it difficult for Hellena Taylor to reprise her role.” Miyata said, “We auditioned to choose Bayonetta’s new voice and offered her the role. Jennifer HaleWe felt it was a good match for the character.”

Taylor said she wanted no ill will against Hale, claiming she loved and supported the actors, but added that she felt Hale “had no right” to call her the voice of Bayonetta or sign merchandise like her because she thought Taylor “created the voice”. added.

halo replied “Everybody keep in mind that this game was created by a team of hardworking, dedicated people,” he asked on Twitter last Monday. He hopes that “everyone involved can resolve their differences in a friendly and respectful manner”.

Duration Platinum Games has not yet given an official response, Hideki Kamiya He posted a Tweet on Saturday, “Sad and deplorable about the attitude of the untruth. That’s all I can say now.” Readers “PIT UP. [his] “RULES” probably refers to his pinned Tweet about the tendency to mass-block respondents and message him on Twitter in Japanese only.

bayonet 3 will be launched for Nintendo Switch on October 28.

The case is the latest in a series of controversies involving voice actors and their pay in recent months.

Source: Bloomberg (Jason Schreier) via Siliconera