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Dak's Back, Sting the Loss, Lion's Roar

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FRISCO, TX – After watching Dak take the shot before the Cowboys’ 26-17 defeat to the Eagles on Sunday, it was pretty clear he was ready to go after five games of breaking his right finger in the season opener.

Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy confirmed Wednesday afternoon.

Dak Prescott is officially allowed to return to football.

Tuesday had a shooting session similar to Sunday.

He worked first-team offense in Wednesday afternoon’s transition practice, followed by another 50 passing sessions, and was listed as a full participant in the official injury report.

He’ll then take the “majority” of first-team reps in Thursday’s padded practice, the Cowboys’ heaviest workload of the week.

Go ahead, get Dak inked to kick off against the Detroit Lions on Sunday, unless something too unpredictable happens.

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure we’re giving him every opportunity to prepare,” McCarthy said. Said.

And if further confirmation is needed, listen to James Washington, one of the buyers who is still in the IR but running routes for Dak early Sunday evening.

“He’s definitely taken back control,” Washington said. “It was tearing it up. Dak’s grip is back.”

It’s tearing it up but well, it’s pretty obvious standing there watching them take it pull down the field.

  • Remaining: A few more thoughts on the 26-17 loss to the Eagles. First, when lineman CeeDee Lamb reaches third place to get the football down to the 35-yard line, I’m not sure how the refereeing team managed that first down call so badly, they tell lineman Mike McCarthy that they knelt before Lamb reached out. Well, a mistake on their part, and sadly the head coach didn’t get a chance to watch a replay before the Cowboys caught the ball to challenge the call. Then comes the fourth and 1st game, where Eagles linebacker Haasan Reddick defeats Noah Brown’s block and on-the-go receiver CeeDee Lamb crashes into his teammate, disrupting the game and causing the completion. All of this resulted in a Philadelphia field goal they shouldn’t have, and they earned a yard to do so. And then the Eagles scoring the Cowboys offsides at the end of the first quarter as they pulled offside in the fourth and 4 out of 10. They had no intention of playing and would have been content with a field goal. There are four more points. That’s seven skill points. If only two were left behind instead of nine in the end, it may have changed the Cowboys’ approach.
  • Getting closer: After watching Washington’s running tracks for the Dak before the game on Sunday, it seems certain the veteran wide receiver is ready to step out of the injured reserve and return to training. Washington suffered a fractured fifth metatarsal in his left foot, which was placed in IR on August 29, at the end of August, the fracture was surgically repaired by placing a screw to facilitate healing. He missed four required matches and is now eight weeks from injury. He says he’s close. “It’s all in Britt’s hands,” says Cowboys rehabilitation director Britt Brown, who will be responsible for putting him on practice. “I feel great.” Cowboys can use their deep speed outside.
  • Hardest Stretch: Before the season begins, she was asked to identify the hardest part of the program. He opted for a four-game overtime until the Giants’ final Sunday night game in Philadelphia, played on Monday night, September 26. This entailed playing three out of four games away, three on the beach, returning to Philly against the East End against the Giants, home against Washington, the Rams from the West Coast, and then back to Philly against the East Coast. And the Cowboys survived by winning three of four games without Dak, and Cooper Rush helped keep the season afloat.
  • Cage of Lions: Don’t be fooled by the 1-4 record as you enter the Lions’ game at AT&T Stadium on Sunday. And the Cowboys better not be caught “eating cheese,” as Bill Parcells warns. The Lions are the #2 offensive player in the NFL and the #3 offense, averaging 28 points per game. Patriots, 29-0. And the Dan Campbells will sprint towards you, running an average of 5.4 yards per carry.
  • Shorts: Returning man KaVontae Turpin, averaging 24.6 yards on eight kick-off turns and 12.2 yards on nine punt turns, is the only top-five player in both categories with this unique pace to reach top mile speed in a few steps… Turpin Time If opponents will cooperate , taking one home, giving him the comeback opportunities they had guarded against him… It’s been a while since this happened, but six weeks later, the Cowboys are leading the NFL with 24 sacks, 17 against 68. Games that will eclipse the single-season team record of 62 set in 1985 … Another fellow fifth-round draft pick, Damone Clark, still on the Non-Football Injury, but still has a week in three games. -weekly application window. McCarthy says that if activated, the linebacker will start in special teams… And that’s a good thing, Ezekiel Elliott is one of two backers so far this season (the other being Buccaneers’ Rachaad White) to turn down 100 percent of his third win. – and a minimum of five required fourth down attempts (six).

And for this week’s final word, I get it, and it’s very well deserved. Wednesday is the last day of our roster for Rob Phillips, hopefully moving on to bigger and better things for him, now that he no longer has to patrol locker rooms, attend press conferences and attend press conferences, not to mention a more normal lifestyle, married and with a little daughter. . Return from road games on Sunday, Monday, Thursday night at both beaches around 4-4:30 in the morning.

Talk about a great teammate, Rob, throughout his 17 years in the organization, was always there with a helping hand no matter what the demand, he started as my intern at Texas A&M in 2003 while still in college, then a part time guy after graduating and finally full time was hired as Of course, it was a pleasure to watch him grow, mature as a writer, and become a highly skilled screenwriter for most of the Deep Blue documentaries. Dallas Cowboys Swimwear Calendar Making TV shows.

It will be difficult to change his commitment and versatility.

So will his daily companionship for all these years.