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DeRozan's 37 points the Bulls 1-0 in Miami

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So how do you like these Taurus now?

Last year’s opener away against the Eastern Conference earned the Bulls the lead, who swept 15 points per game last season, and played against Lonzo Ball and All-Star Zach LaVine, who are expected to contend for the title against one of the league’s favourites.

But it was the Bulls who were extraordinarily – yes, again – close to DeMar DeRozan, second-rate guard Ayo Dosunmu, outpacing veteran Kyle Lowry and center dominating All-Star Bam Adebayo on a glorious opening night on a grand stage for 116 Nikola Vučević -108 Taurus wins.

Perhaps this show will last longer than expected.

DeRozan, who left the field with 37 points, 9 assists, 6 rebounds and 28 points at halftime, said, “So-called experts, look for another job to do or something like that.”

“They can say what they want,” DeRozan added, then shrugging at his locker. “I’m learning to never get caught up in it, never change my approach to the game, my passion for the game, the things I put into it. Let everyone say what they want; Everyone has freedom of speech, right?”

DeMar DeRozan shoots Heat forward Max Strus during Chicago’s season-opening game in Miami.

Although this left the Heat speechless with a Bulls victory that fit not only the Miami scenario but also the best teams scenario. The Bulls came off a nine-point deficit early in the Miami-controlled first quarter and were about to rewrite a familiar script from recent seasons.

But the Bulls made the big shots and big plays, with four game-changing threes from former Heat Goran Dragić, Nikola Vučević 15 points, 17 rebounds and three blocks to give Adebayo the spin cycle; yes, that man was hung to dry. And with controlled aggression, Dosunmu’s Bulls recorded 17 points, six rebounds, four assists and a pair of key steals – yes, we don’t hear that much – they were offensive.

And it was the Heat who shrunk under the Bulls’ gaze.

“We learned a great lesson in all the mistakes we made against good teams (last season, 2-21 against the top four in each conference) and what it really takes to compete at a high level if you really want to. beat good teams,” DeRozan said. “We have that plan, and the only thing we emphasized throughout boot camp is winning the matches, the IQ, the courage, the dirtiness, the attention to detail in the late game; I think we did a great job tonight.

“Everyone is locked out,” DeRozan said. “We didn’t humiliate ourselves when they took a big hit or made a mistake, we made up for it the next game and the game after that. Last year, we would have let other teams evaporate and we would have lost a lead and let the mistakes affect the rest of the game. We stayed on the field tonight when they fired big shots; We played big games when we needed it.”

DeRozan was down 15 points at the end of the third quarter as DeRozan drew the 19-point third quarter with 7:35 by 100-95 and coach Billy Donovan brought DeRozan back into the game. .

Donovan admits that DeRozan hesitated after playing the entire third quarter – “he would have played 48 if you let me,” Donovan said – but this was the moment the Bulls weakened assuming they were still this close to the league’s elite. And now neither was LaVine, who had to extend the game for knee management after summer surgery.

Then Dosunmu made both steals on Lowry passes, making the boy-sly veteran look like time has passed. Sitting about eight rows behind the Bulls bench with his new bride, former Bull Joakim Noah particularly delighted a defensive audience.

Bulls legend Joakim Noah watched Chicago’s season-opening win in Miami as a fan.

“I love the boy, Ayo,” Noah said to me during a break. “The first NBA game I’ve seen in years (in the stands as a fan). The bulls look good.”

Dragić, who had a dozen points, was still a bit backcourt and pissing off his former teammates. In addition to his gripping shots, Dragić repeatedly beat the Heat defenders in simple shootouts and again fouled and fired a pair of free throws. Vučević was terrific, and after falls that looked like Miami would stun, Adebayo didn’t follow through and Vučević took the lead 107-98 with 4:59 remaining as Vučević made a clutch trio.

There’s still barely enough time for Miami, but DeRozan would have none of that after a quiet first half with nine points in six shots.

“You get the moment of the game,” said DeRozan, who reported that the Bulls had the fourth most productive opening game in team history after three games played by Michael Jordan. “A team like this won’t give up. They’re going to try to get away and we have to be ready for it. We have to be locked in. I know what I’ve put into this game, how much I love this game, and I can assure you that not many guys in this league work as hard as I do.

“This is expected of my teammates, my mother,” DeRozan said. “At the beginning of the game, I just wanted to help us make open shots, I wanted to kind of advance the game. It’s a long game, it’s not just about going out and trying to score, score, score. Putting us in a great position. When it comes to winning games, I try to go out on the field and do my best.”

DeMar DeRozan recorded 28 of his 37 points in the second half against Miami.

There’s no doubt that despite defensive magician Jimmy Butler’s attempts to get him under control, DeRozan was patient in creating dissonances and then just hit hard shots, leading 109-98, dropping three, 20 footers after Miami entered eight. 1:36 remaining for a 10-point lead. And then Vučević came back with a kickback that Alex Caruso missed with one minute left to hold the 10-point lead.

Miami fans are notorious for arriving late; This time it was an early departure.

“On the road, the first game of the second season is no better opportunity to get better against the Miami Heat because they are a very dirty organization with a lot of veterans playing at the top level,” Dosunmu said. “We knew we were fighting against the best teams in the East and the Miami Heat last year. They are very good with a very good culture. One of the teams that will fight for the championship. It was a good show for us to compete and play how we played today. But to be better. We have to keep going.”

Exactly; There is no time to be satisfied yet. Maybe there’s a lot more out there than those guys think.

To quote early 20th-century poet and playwright Gertrude Stein, maybe there’s something out there for the Bulls.

Right here is DeRozan, who continues on his way as if he were 33 years old.

Though this was also the preseason narrative that ignored the Bulls among most NBA watchers and punters. That old man can’t play like that again! Did we mention he’s old? He’s not really one of those great athletes, you know. Seriously, are they going to keep falling for this shooting scam?

Heat star Jimmy Butler found himself paired defending DeRozan throughout the night.

“I can’t respond to someone else’s perception,” said DeRozan, while addressing doubts and doubts. “It’s just about taking care of yourself, your body, mentally and physically. And if you have a passion for the game, everything will take care of itself.”

It looked like it would take more than that from the start, with Miami finding eight three-pointers in the first quarter and leading nine in the middle and then 33-28. Donovan started Patrick Williams at power forward, but Williams had a tough game and was replaced early by Javonte Green. Williams began most of his later shifts playing primarily with backup bands. Caruso started for LaVine, but had trouble early against Tyler Herro, who easily scored 11 points in the first quarter. But one of 12 games in the first half, Adebayo and Lowry gave the Bulls a chance to make up for what had previously seemed like a 20-point gap in Miami.

It was Dragić who mostly saved the blast in the first half with a dunk to Andre Drummind and a game lobe for a three-pointer. The quarter that struggled with momentum and supremacy from the Heat.

“I thought we were really comfortable with Goran shooting in the second quarter,” Donovan said. “I think they started the game seven on 10 (threes). “We lost Herro a few times, no doubt. We just didn’t shoot and I give credit to our guys for staying with him. Goran made a few of those three-pointers and it worked for us. The second unit they played calmed us down a bit because we got the ball. We couldn’t throw it well and that group threw the ball well.”

Then the half was 59-59 and the match started.

The Bulls jumped into Miami to start the second half, suddenly raising a dozen points six minutes into the third half before most of the cocktails and mojitos were served.

DeRozan capped off the third-quarter avalanche with an unexpected pullup jumper, amassing a total of 19 points, nearly 10 behind Miami.

Having chased Herro before, Caruso made a big steal early in the fourth half, leading to Drummond’s free throws. However, it was more of an individual defensive play as the Bulls did a better job of reducing Heat penetration and thus kicking three-pointers outside of the first half. So, Butler started making his way towards the basket for 24 points and 14 of 16 free throws, but he didn’t get enough support.

“Loose balls, rebounds, sprint (12 steals), we were behind,” Donovan said. “We weren’t perfect, but I thought we competed really well. The biggest issue for us (first half) was shooting discipline. We let our feet down against Herro and were vulnerable to drives and downhills and then we fouled. Once we got more disciplined, we stayed on the ground as much as possible. We were better when we tried to race late.”

It couldn’t get any better than this, tough opponent, tough place to play, normals, this old man; what, is he still there?

And it’s not going anywhere. You better pay attention. It may not be what they all think.

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