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Fantasy Football: No rush to add Cardinals' Robbie Anderson after Marquise Brown injury

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Robbie Anderson’s time at the Carolinas was numbered as soon as he was sent to the locker room by interim coach Steve Wilks on Sunday after a sideline argument, and it took the Panthers less than 24 hours to find him a new home. The Cardinals picked up the disgruntled receiver on Monday, likely to replace the recently injured Marquise Brown, according to reports.

Brown left Sunday’s Seahawks game after rolling after a jump in the fourth quarter and found his left foot in the boot after the game. We don’t know the extent of the injury Monday afternoon, but given that the Cardinals moved too quickly to pick up Anderson, it shows they expect Brown to lose some time. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported potentially an end-of-season injury, but NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported some optimism after his MRI:

That’s disappointing news for Brown, who has performed admirably in the distasteful task of trying to carry a passing game in one of the NFL’s most unproductive games this season. He had 485 yards and three touchdowns while catching 67.2% of his 64 goals in the first six games of the season, and was about to get some help for DeAndre Hopkins’ return from suspension this week — passes to unnamed Cardinals “Marquise Brown” averaged per try this season. He landed 5.53 yards.

The Cardinals rightly realize that, regardless of Brown’s injury, they still need some help with the passing game. That just makes it even more important. Despite placing first in passing trials, they are only 14th in passing yards after Week 6 – last in the last yard with a 5.8 per try, while their 2.3% touchdown rate is only higher than Anderson’s former Panthers and Steelers. good. Hopkins’ comeback would help, but Brown’s long hold would leave them more or less where they started.

However, it’s hard to get too excited about what this means for Anderson’s Fancy value. The Cardinals will face the Saints on Thursday night of Week 7, so it will be difficult for Anderson to get used to a new system to play. When he’s up to speed, Anderson is still 29 and has caught only 48.2% of his own passes in a 1,000-yard season, and only 48.2% of his 5.3-yard passes per goal since the start of last season. .

While that means Anderson has some talent and potential opportunity here, there’s probably not much reason to make a big demand for him in the Week 7 waivers. Let’s say you can bid him 5% to see if he can find a spark, go for it. But in the best-case scenario, since Hopkins will be asked to take a large target margin to take that offense, I expect him to have a blast or fall WR3 – and I think Hopkins is still at the top – 12-plus for his Value. Anderson delivers a deep threat to Kyler Murray that defenses should take seriously, but he’s not as good an all-around receiver as Brown and probably isn’t a one-on-one replacement for him either on the Cardinals offense or in your own Fantasy lineup. .

And it probably doesn’t matter much for the Panthers offense either. Not because there won’t be a few more targets to go around, but because this offense is such a disaster that a few more targets don’t make much sense. They had six three-pointers in a row in Week 7, this snap broken by just a four-game drive, where they landed a first in the first game and three in the next first down. Maybe DJ Moore’s target share will go even higher, but it’s impossible to recommend him as a starter these days, as none of the Panthers quarterbacks inspire much confidence. I’m holding on to Moore on my turn but I need to see too much From this offense so that I can trust him at this point.