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Fantasy Football Rankings Week 7: Sleepers, starts, sits — Kenyan Drake, Rondale Moore and more

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Goodbye weeks are even harder for Week 7 fantasy football rankings, where there are no top quarterbacks and wide receivers. Running back also gets more complicated, so be sure to read the 101 pieces for difficult start or sit-down questions, potential trading ideas, and more strategies to help you get through with a win.

Waiver | Real SOS (APA – Wednesday update)
Fantasy Football 101 (starts, sits, swaps, more)
All in Football (video pane)

2022 Week 7 Fantasy Football Sleepers

🚨 LOOK AT THE FRONT 🚨 These sleepers. They won’t copy my ranking 100%. This is on an uptrend and is generally more risky.

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POSSIBLE START: Jared Goff, DET — Goff is better indoors, especially in the touchdown section. The Cowboys are a tough match, but we can only hope that when Dak Prescott returns, Goff will have to keep up with the pace he has guns for, aside from having his feet on the grass. Matthew Stafford managed to score for 308-1 in Week 5, and if Goff reaches the 300 mark, he’ll likely land multiple touchdowns and have you congratulated.

HAIL MARY START: Jimmy Garoppolo, SF – It’s all about matching. Each quarterback facing the Chiefs had 2-3 touchdowns, three of which were 329+ yards. Sure, those three were Justin Herbert, Tom Brady, and Josh Allen, but even Garoppolo’s 250-2 line makes a nice addition considering Allen, Jalen Hurts, and Kirk Cousins ​​are farewells.


POSSIBLE START: JK Dobbins/Kenyan Drake, HONEY — If Dobbins is healthy, it’s risky and will play as RB2 boom/smash in this matchup. Only if it’s Drake, “We love Drake!” Until you burn us again. But if there’s one team that can help Drake get back-to-back stud weeks, it’s the Browns, and they’re already allowing over 5.5 YPCs with eight quick touchdowns. Just look at what Rhamondre Stevenson did in a hurry and even 19-76-1 would have been a great start for your fantasy team.

HAIL MARY BEGINNING: James Robinson, JAX — While the Giants haven’t given up on many rushing touchdowns, Drake’s Week 6 performance shows how responsive they are to the run. Just pop the middle and you can have a nice stack of games too. Returns are averaged 5.5 YPC against the Giants and top 10 in Goal-to-Go tries (six – with Saquon Barkley and others) with a fast average of 3.44 YAC alongside Robinson, Derrick Henry and Dalvin Cook. has. We expect a goal with the split, but a few big games might suffice.


POSSIBLE START: Alec Pierce, IND — If you’ve listened to both podcasts, you should know that Alec Muthaduckin Pierce will be here. Pierce has three straight scores between 10.0-12.4 points with a streak of 22-15-210-1. In fact, Pierce’s first game in this series was their 6-4-80 streak against these Titans – a team that ranks among the worst at stopping passes and especially at stopping expansions. Before the Titans said their goodbyes, he let Terry McLaurin win 6-5-76, Curtis Samuel 8-6-62 and Dyami Brown 4-2-105-2 in two big touchdowns. I’m starting #DuckYea Pierce.

POSSIBLE START: Curtis Samuel, WSH — Speaking of Samuel, I mentioned in the disclaimers how Taylor Heinicke could fire the offense and help Samuel recover. Heinicke looks a little more at the slot buyer than Carson Wentz, leaving Samuel as Heinicke’s most likely target, assuming McLaurin is locked in with Jaire Alexander. This is set for nice volume playback.

HAIL MARY START: Rondale Moore and Robbie Anderson, ARI — Even though DeAndre Hopkins is back from his PED sentence…

Moore and Anderson are in the game thanks to 1) Marquise Brown’s injury and 2) a great pairing with the Saints, most likely without CB Marcus Lattimore. The Bengals trio of receivers teamed up for 26-19-245-2 and Tee Higgins took 10-6-47 despite not being 100% healthy. In Week 5, Geno Smith hit DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett for the 14-10-192-3 combo so Hopkins and at least one more buyer could provide a Top 30 value. I would go to Moore before Anderson gave his familiarity with the team, but don’t be surprised if Anderson plays a big game or two.


HAIL MARY BEGINNING: Cade Otton, TB – Without Cameron Brate, Otton is a good streamer, in addition to Greg Dulcich, who was more used to (and fellow rookie) after seeing plenty of eyes during the MNF. This is not a matchmaking game as Otton is #3 for Tom Brady, Russell Gage is still struggling (only one related game) and Julio Jones is out of the field.

Fun with Rankings!

This came out this Tuesday when I was naming a lot of Moores (players) at All in Football and it turned out to be a joke and I said Roger Moore and Lauren said she was better than Sean Connery as Bond. Then someone suggested listing the Bond movies. That’s why I make my Top 10 Bond movies, because there are too many meh trips (looking at a few of you Pierce Brosnan) to discuss the 15+ rated movie.

  1. Casino Royale — Love me some poker, though that was probably the funniest part of the movie. Chances are it’s all those hands! Come on! Daniel Craig portrayed Bond with great action sets (parkour! parkour!) and started his run as (arguably) the best Bond.

  2. Downpour – With an interesting MI6-based plot and arguably the best-looking movie, some action pieces that surpass Casino Royale – possibly the best in the series.
  3. golden finger – The theme song award, Oddjob (more about him later), the Bond movie that establishes many recurring aspects… still, one scene should be cut from the recording.
  4. From Russia with love — Fun train fighting (a remake of Spectre), gadgets, a great villain, and a good plot that might be hard to find in a few Bond movies.
  5. agent who loves me — Beautiful plot with a romantic side, unforgettable ski jumping scene — which… you’ve seen… even if you’ve never seen this movie — and a car submarine!
  6. Doctor No — More of a mystery movie, but it all started with the first encounter with SPECTRE.
  7. No Time to Die – Okay, we were all annoyed by the ending, but it really felt like a race to the finish – if you don’t factor in the length of the movie – everything in Craig’s time comes together in an emotional, intense and action-packed way. “final.”
  8. Golden Eye – The game was better and put the multiplayer genre into orbit – and yes, Oddjob cheats – but the movie was still good as Pierce Brosnan’s best edition in the role of Bond. It rebooted Bond and the helicopter action and Sean Bean’s bad twist were great.
  9. lightning ball — The best underwater action of them all, one of the best Sean Connery excursions and a jetpack!
  10. You only live twice — I mean, that’s the basis for most of Austin Powers. It deserves a rank on its own as it’s one of the more entertaining and even dumber Bond movies (yet with another daring side).

Honorable Mention: In Her Majesty’s Service — The only George Lazenby Bond movie was solid with a more grounded approach that focused on story.

Worst Place: Dying Another Day – It’s a fitting name since this is the second time I’ve seen it, it would be like dying again. The CG was rough, the scary invisible car, the action was weak, and everything was downhill after an interesting torture scene to kick off the movie.



  • Alvin Kamara, RB, NO — Big volume, nice program, positive regression for touchdown should be coming
  • Jonathan Taylor, RB, IND — Remember what I said last week, this was about Week 1 and Taylor’s rise.
  • AJ Dillon, RB, GB — Don’t run him unless Aaron Jones gets hurt, but if that happens, you have an RB1
  • DJ Moore, WR, CAR – Exchanged by chance, because otherwise it can (and could) be dropped
  • Diontae Johnson, WR, PIT – Kenny Pickett should keep improving and the volume is there plus some nice matches
  • Michael Gallup, WR, DAL – If not in the disclaimer, get it before increasing the Dak Prescott value


  • Ezekiel Elliott, RB, DAL — Knowledgeable admins may not bite, but you can try to exit a big game
  • Rhamondre Stevenson, RB, NE – Damien Harris could be back soon and no matter how good Stevenson looks, timeshare lovers
  • Michael Pittman, WR, IND – Matt Ryan still makes Michael Pittman playful if you can only get the WR1 value on the fringe
  • JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR, KC — Take advantage of your first big match because tough matchups are coming
  • Tyler Lockett, WR, SEA – Try to pretend it’s a weekend as the Seahawks have a few tough crossing matches left

7. Week Fantasy Football Projections

🚨 LOOK AT THE FRONT 🚨 These may differ from my rankings and ranks is the order in which I will start players Apart from additional context like “Highest needed even if it’s risky”. Also, based on 4-point TDs for QB, 6-point rest and Half PPR

Week 7 Projections Download Link

***These IMMORTALITY Updated Sunday morning, FYI***

Week 7 Fantasy Football Ranking


  • Just Half PPR FantasyPros’ automatic calculation of Non and Full-PPR rows may be turned off. But there is so little difference between Non and Half and Full and Half that you don’t have to worry.
  • ECR = Expert Consensus Ranking. Don’t focus too much on this as not all experts do consistent/continuous updates.
  • It’s updated regularly, so check all the way up to the rosters locking.

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