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Harvey Weinstein Alleged Consent Affair with Jennifer Siebel Newsom in Los Angeles Rape Case Defense - Deadline

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Harvey Weinstein’s attorney plans to argue that the imprisoned producer did not sexually assault Jennifer Siebel Newsom nearly 20 years ago, but instead had “consensual sex” with California’s current First Partner.

In a motion in downtown Los Angeles on Monday ahead of Weinstein’s criminal trial, defense attorneys and the LA County District Attorney’s Office disagreed over the inclusion of a correspondence between Newsom and Weinstein regarding the revelation of an affair by Gavin Newsom in 2007. Deputy mayor of San Francisco.

Citing the “bad press” fallout of the relationship, the email from then-Jennifer Siebel comes nearly two years after Weinstein allegedly assaulted the actress-filmmaker in an LA-area hotel room. He named the wife of Newsom’s campaign manager, who would soon become San Francisco’s First Lady, as the person to blame for the affair, while the email to Weinstein came shortly after he started dating Siebel Newsom. The couple would marry in 2008; Newsom was California’s deputy governor from 2011-19 and was sworn in as the state’s 40th governor in 2019.

“Among all the things you thought a woman raped by Harvey Weinstein couldn’t do, [ask him] How to deal with a sex scandal,” defense attorney Mark Werksman said in court this morning. “The fact that he came to Mr. Weinstein for this advice shows the friendship and camaraderie of Jane Doe 4 and Mr. Weinstein. The defense said they had an affair, had sex with consent. will be.”

Siebel Newsom, long identified in court documents as Jane Doe #4, went public last week for her role in the high-profile West Coast lawsuit that is expected to last until the end of the year.

“She plans to testify at her trial as part of her life’s work to seek some justice for survivors and improve the lives of women,” Siebel Newsom’s attorney Elizabeth Fegan said in a statement today. “Please respect his decision not to discuss this matter outside of the courtroom.”

Siebel Newsom first voiced her experience with the many accused. pulp Fiction shortly after the producer posted it in a 2017 article New York Times Statement detailing Weinstein’s decades of despicable behavior.

They were definitely discussing Siebel Newsom at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Center for Criminal Justice.

In Monday’s session, which Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lisa Lench sometimes described as “very dramatic”, the judge finally ruled that the 2007 email could be entered into some kind of lawsuit. Hearing DA Assistant Marlene Martinez’s objections to including the correspondence and questioning Siebel Newsom about it, Lench told the court: “I’m not going to let that happen, Mr. Werksman. If you want to ask if you want his advice on a press-related situation, that’s fine.” In her view, the gist of the email was “too tangential about this experiment,” she added.

Various texts and tweets sought by both parties from Siebel Newsom – including the chance that former First Daughter Malia Obama was hacked during her internship at the now-closed The Weinstein Company – were denied by Lench today.

Still, in this year in which Newsom’s easy reelection is expected, politics and donations to various Newsom campaigns by Weinstein, who used to have wide pockets, have also come to the fore.

“We try to exclude anything political because it has nothing to do with politics,” Martinez said in court this afternoon.

“Your Honor, you’re certainly not claiming that the defense could not question Jane Doe 4 because she sought donations from Mr. Weinstein for her boyfriend,” Werksman replied. The judge noted that he told all participants of the poll for potential jurors about Newsom and his political stances. and this can be problematic. The defense promised to avoid the issue when speaking to potential jurors, and this seemed to satisfy the prosecutor’s office for the time being.

Weinstein is facing grand jury charges of four counts of rape, four times of forced oral sex, one time of coercive sex, as well as one time of restraint and sexual assault in the 2004 LA County incidents involving five women. -13. Weinstein, who was sentenced to 23 years in prison by a Manhattan jury for multiple sex crimes in March 2020, faces up to 140 years in prison if found guilty.

Jury selection is expected to last until October 23, followed by opening debates, while Weinstein’s Los Angeles trial is expected to likely last until the end of the year.

The ailing 70-year-old ex-boss is set to launch an appeal in New York at the same time as New York State Court of Appeals chief judge Janet DiFiore gave Weinstein the right to appeal the decision earlier this summer. Oral debates on whether Weinstein received a fair trial two years ago will begin in early 2023.