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How ARMY Reacted – Rolling Stone

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if there is one What BTS ARMY will do is support their Bangtan Boys. After the news that the seven-member K-pop group will be on hiatus by 2025 while the men carry out their military duties, many of their loyal fanbases known as ARMYs have decided to stand behind them with a singular message: “Trust BTS. ”

Stan’s Twitter timelines were filled with lively reactions to the news, first with disappointment in the South Korean government, but then with support for BTS. While the news was not the outcome many had hoped for, the band members – Jungkook, Jimin, V, Suga, Jin, RM, and J-Hope – seemed to be trying to prepare their fanbase for the announcement during their big concert in Busan. weekend. During set, RM told the audience, “If all seven BTS members feel the same way and you believe in us, we will overcome anything that will happen to us in the future and perform and make music with you. Please trust us.”

A tweet from @mygbebe read: “One thing I will forever praise BTS is their honesty and transparency. “The Festa Dinner, speeches in Busan literally prepare us for this moment when we can be easily confused and upset, but now that we are informed, we understand them and we are more willing to support them.” (In June, the band hosted a live stream of the band members talking about their future as a band over a dinner.)

@ddaenggirl__, “One thing I really admire about BTS is that they kindly prepare us for the news. “Knowing that something comes subconsciously does not prepare you for it to actually happen.”

There was much speculation that the Korean government would exempt BTS from military service after the country enforced the requirement for K-pop artists to serve in the military by age 30 in 2019, but fans lauded their apparent decision to join the group. military by himself

“As part of the HYBE family, we support and encourage our artists and are proud that each of them will now have time to explore their unique interests and fulfill their mission by serving the country they call home.” The label of the band Monday morning.

Jin will be the first to enlist due to his age, while the rest of the group will follow suit for possible (18 or) 21-month terms. Members of the group will also use time to follow the music on their own before enlisting.

“[South Korean] The government wanted to see the impact of BTS with the busan concert to make a decision, but BTS gave the concert, canceled the military postponement and made a decision instead. I have so much respect for these guys”, read a viral tweet from user @hrlykoo.

As a result, fans shared their understanding of the group’s decision and stood behind a unified message to trust their favorite artists.

“2025. I trust BTS and will support them until the end. I will stay in the same place by their side and wait for them” chirp From user @dreamjeons. “And while we wait for them, we’ll make sure we’ll be there while they’re all doing their own projects. We still have concerts and a time capsule to open, right?”

Some referred to direct messaging in their comments.

“Don’t forget the last words. ‘Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)’ is more than just a track from their latest album, a word, there’s a lot to come from BTS in the years to come’” wrote @130613fate. “BTS will not break their word. Trust them.”

And maybe fans won’t be getting new music or performances as a group, but fans in Korea have assured Army around the world that the members will still be able to access social media while they’re out of the military.

A viral tweet from @odetonam read: “btw recording doesn’t mean we’re going to get three years of radio silence. members will be able to update instagram / weverse / twt during their breaks, don’t worry!! I am sure we will get many updates from them 💜.”

The group was candid that enlistment should most likely occur. during their cover story interview with rolling rock Last year, the group shared that “it’s going to work eventually.”

“I think the country said to me, ‘You’re doing well and we’re going to give you a little more time,'” Jin told Rolling Stone last year. Military service is an important duty for our country. So I feel like I’m going to do my best and do my best until I’m called.”