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Kanye West claims a Jewish 'media mafia' is out to get him

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Live TV with Chris Cuomo as Kanye West tears up the host’s claim that an all-controlling “Jewish underground media mafia” that is “ugly”, “blatantly false” and “naturally anti-Semitic” is about to take over. also argued.

The fashion tycoon-turned-rapper sat in the back of a car for a daring interview on Cuomo’s NewsNation program on Monday, having previously told him “3.

Cuomo has repeatedly challenged the star now known as Ye while doubling down as he tries to justify his insults.

While Ye has repeatedly claimed that as a black man he cannot be accused of antisemitism, he insisted, “Every celebrity has a Jew in their contract – that’s not hate speech, that’s the truth.”

“And these people, if you say anything off the agenda, your career could be over,” Ye said.

Kanye West had an argument with Chris Cuomo on air, and he was the one controlling everything.
Kanye West had an argument with Chris Cuomo on live TV for claiming that an all-controlling “Jewish underground media mafia” is out to get him.
Ye interviewed Chris Cuomo.
Cuomo told Ye that his “ugly” thoughts “are not intelligence, love, or things you can say come from a productive place.”

“When I was wearing the White Life Matters t-shirt, the Jewish underground media mafia has already started attacking me.

“They canceled my four SoFi stadium show [in Los Angeles]they confiscated the press… they immediately disrespected me [and] Keep up the crazy narrative,” Ye claimed, constantly complaining about Cuomo’s alembics.

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Chase bank cuts ties with Kanye West after anti-Semitic comments

“They never call me a billionaire,” he whined. “Hey, businessman, billionaire, visionary, inventor – these are never used.”

He selected the New York Times simply because he referred to himself as a “rogue rapper”, but a search shows that the Gray Lady only used the term once in a 2006 review, before she was recognized for her other efforts. direct reference to it.

Ye and Candace Owens are wearing White Lives Matter t-shirts.
“The Jewish underground media mafia started attacking him,” Ye said, “when he put on the White Lives Matter T-shirt.”
Twitter/Candace Owens

At one point, she compared her anger to her Jewish business partners to women who disliked men after becoming “a villain” in their lives.

“I’ve fucked or done bad things to me more than 10 times in just two years,” he said, adding, “More than 50% of the executives and CEOs in Hollywood are Jewish.”

Cuomo has repeatedly responded to Ye by saying that his “ugly” thoughts “are not intelligence, love, or anything you can say comes from a productive place.”

“So look, no Jewish media cabal. [or] mafia. It’s either a figment of your imagination or a reflection of prejudice, okay,” said the fired CNN host.

“You may have had bad dealings with people – it’s about those people. It’s not about their religion or their faith. And I know you’re smart and I understand that when you target people for their beliefs, other people can do the same.”

“They’ve been targeted before, harassed and killed for what they believe in and for who they are.”

“So we don’t want to tolerate that, and you’re playing with it right now whether you know it or not,” Cuomo added.

He also reminded Ye that “there is a clear and important difference between saying they are a mafia and acting somewhat like a ‘Jew’ rather than just being a business person.

“One is playing prejudice, the other is just playing people and an ugly business, that’s the record business,” Cuomo said.

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Guys, for sure Kanye West is in the middle of a psychiatric era

Ye insisted he was “not backing down” – and at one point chanted a childish “la-la-la-la” to stop Cuomo from arguing against him.

He also insisted that it “comes from a place of love” – ​​also from a place that “we will no longer own Jewish media.”

As for the accusation that he is anti-Semitic, Ye again says that “blacks are also Jewish – I classify as Jewish, so I can’t actually be an anti-Semite. So the term is actually – it’s not real.”

At the end of their fiery exchange, Cuomo claimed that Ye looked “out of control” and asked if he was looking at her.

Enraged, Ye asked Cuomo if it was working that morning, and the landlord replied: “No. But I took my medicine – I took my daily antidepressant medicine.”