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Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope tips: 9 things you need to know before you get started

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Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope It may seem sweet as a peach, but your conditions may turn sour on a dime. The turn-based tactical game developed by Ubisofts Milan and Paris and now out for the Nintendo Switch is often as challenging as the giants of the genre – it’s not exactly what you might expect. XCOM-Like bunnies talking with false smiles. Here are nine tips and tricks you should know before (Wow! hoo! yippee!) jump.

You don’t need to defeat every enemy

Sometimes defeating every enemy in a mission may be your goal, but not always. For a mission, you may be asked to reach a certain area. (Bonus tip: You only need one character to reach the goal.) For another you may need to survive for five turns, a la into violationor eliminate a series of Darkmess nodes scattered across the battlefield. Focus on the target, not clearing the area, and you’ll be ready.

Don’t worry about running out of health

A natural assumption for those immersed in turn-based games: A character must finish a battle to gain XP. not like that Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. In this sequel, all your characters level up at the same rate, regardless of whether they joined the battle or survived. Yes, dropping a character for the count will make any battle you engage in significantly more difficult. (You won’t unlock a respawn ability until you get used to the game.) But as a result, you don’t have to worry about that character lagging behind the rest of your party.

Also, my condolences to the ranks of the species, but no permanent death.

Be careful about rebooting

Fact of life: Sometimes you fail in tactical games. Again Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope it doesn’t give you the option to reset a single turn, you can start battles from scratch. Be careful if you’re in one of the game’s multi-battle missions, though. Make sure to select the “restart target” option instead of the “restart battle” option. Otherwise, you will have to redo the mission from the very beginning of the first battle.

stay close to each other

It can be tempting to send your team across the board to divide and conquer, destroying enemies. Resist this temptation. Otherwise, you can leave a party member high and dry.

Inside Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, each character can jump as a team – literally bounce off an ally’s head – once per turn (later abilities can increase this number for certain characters). A team jump greatly expands the range of motion by allowing a group member to glide for a few seconds. This ability is crucial for getting the opposing team’s angle, but it’s much more useful for keeping an injured ally out of the enemy’s line of sight. And to keep this option open, your trio needs to be at least relatively close together.

Use your sparks and talents first

Each character can spend two action points per turn, allowing them to use a standard attack, a special ability, an item, or a spark. (Movement abilities such as dashes, kicks, and team jumps don’t count towards this total, although most characters can only do these once per turn.) Many sparks grant stat buffs to every character in your group, as long as they’re within range of the character that activated it. In most cases, it is beneficial to apply these effects. before moving your team on the battlefield.

In Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, Rabbid Peach stands in front of Luigi as fireballs rain down from the sky.

Image: Ubisoft/Nintendo

Customize your gear at the start of each battle

At the beginning of each battle, you can click the left joystick to see the battlefield from a bird’s eye view. You’ll take control of Beep-O, your moderately annoying drone companion, and by tapping the A button you’ll be able to zoom in on the map, viewing detailed information about enemy resistances and weaknesses. (You can also do this in the middle of a battle, but until then you will no longer have a chance to change your gear.) Before you start the fight, be sure to take time to plan and equip any basic sparks. It will give you an advantage.

There are also a few moments when new characters like Bowser and Rabbid Rosalina will join your team. Before entering these fights, open your character menu (Y button). You’ll be able to throw sparks at new allies (though skill trees will be locked until post-battle), giving you an advantage you might otherwise miss.

Using star potions

There are two ways to level sparks. You can spend star shards, a currency earned by defeating enemies and completing quests. Or you can use a star potion that automatically increases the level of a spark one by one. Sparks rise at an exponential rate; jumping to the second level requires 100 star bits, reaching the third level requires 200 star bits, the fourth level requires 350 star bits, and so on. It’s better to keep your star potions up to higher levels – max spark at level five – it’s more expensive to level up.

Peach stands in front of a cracked wall in the Winter Palace in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope.

Image: Nintendo/Ubisoft via Polygon

Know what to look for when exploring

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope The game does not fully explain how to use the various pass methods at your disposal or what you can get for it. You can spin like a ball while hovering over the swirl-shaped symbols to reveal the hidden treasure. You can shatter cracked walls with Beep-O’s Wave ability (ZR button) to unlock secret paths. Halfway through the game, you can use Beep-O’s Scan ability (ZL button) to reveal all sorts of invisible secrets, shortcuts and bonus items. Here is the complete list of things to watch out for.

Complete (most) side quests

Most side quests will reward you with a planet coin upon completion. You can spend planetary coins on cosmetic items like weapon skins, but you can also save up a huge amount of money for something much more important: a key to that planet’s “secret zone”. Hidden areas are indicated (and also marked on your map) by a semi-circular, rainbow-colored door. For every region you complete, which is typically little more than a primitive environmental puzzle with the occasional battle, you’ll get a new spark. If you want to get all 30 sparks, you’ll have to do most of the game’s side quests.