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Melissa Gorga reveals she called Jennifer Aydin before the drinking debate

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“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Melissa Gorga explains He One side of BravoCon 2022’s most notorious story.

After that a video appeared In the lobby of the Gansevoort Meatpacking hotel in New York City, the owner of the Envy boutique, which shows lead actress Jennifer Aydin throwing a drink at Melissa and her husband Joe Gorga and screaming, took to the PodcastOne “On Display” podcast to explain his point of view on the controversy and allegedly uncovering what happened before it.

Melissa claimed that BravoCon attendees both Friday and Saturday informed her that “another cast member” had “beaten” her during the convention.

Later, in one of the panels, Aydin, 45, told the crowd that Gorgas’ future in “RHONJ” was at stake and that they were “clinging to life”.

Melissa Gorga revealed what she claims she said to Jennifer Aydin at BravoCon before the booze-throwing debacle.

Melissa, 43, said via her podcast, “First of all, stay in your lane. Secondly, I’m not sure what show you’re watching.”

Fast-forward to BravoCon’s Sunday at around 1am, Melissa said that when Aydın and her assistant walked in, Joe and she were standing at the front doors of the lobby and talking to the “Family Mixed” cast.

Jennifer Aydin poses
Gorga claims she called her “RHONJ” co-star “reluctant” and “loser”.
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Melissa claimed that Aydın gave her “a disgusting look”. [her] As she made her way to the elevators, Melissa allegedly said, “Keep going, wannabe. Come on, loser, keep walking. The elevator’s there.”

He insisted he wasn’t “yelling or screaming”, but implied Aydın wasn’t sober because he had “been at a party before” – he said he “didn’t like” the comment.


Gorga said his comment encouraged Aydın to “scream”, “yell” and “curse”.



Gorga said his comment encouraged Aydın to “scream”, “yell” and “curse”.



“If you have sex with a ghost…

Melissa claimed that Aydın started “yelling”, “yelling” and “cursing” towards Gorgas, who allegedly was “still by the front door”.

“My assistant that I work with, [Aydin]. … ‘You’re acting like garbage,’ he says. You can not do this. Come in. Stop yelling. Why are you acting like garbage? Get the hell out of here,” Melissa said.

“He was scared because he said that, okay? Joe sees that he’s freaking out now and Joe – and I have to say, I don’t think we give Joe enough credit and he’s sometimes 100 percent wrong – but he literally said, ‘I don’t even know how jerk this is. bitch is on the show.’ He said it out loud, but he said it to other people we spoke to. Is he right? No, but he said so.”

Melissa and Joe Gorga at a hotel in New York
Melissa admitted that her husband, Joe Gorga, said, “I don’t even know how this filthy bitch is on the show.”

Melissa claimed that Joe’s words got an even bigger backlash from Aydın, who threw the contents of the plastic cup at Melissa’s assistant.

Melissa said the liquid got “all over the lobby” and “everywhere”. [hotel’s] security guard.”

“By the way, she should probably take care of the dry cleaning bill,” suggested the “On Display” singer, before adding that Aydin was “escorted” to her room.

Jennifer Aydin
Melissa claims that Aydın threw her drink at her after her assistant described her behavior as “garbage”.

According to Melissa, Aydın created a “stage” and created “unnecessary tension in a celebration”.

Bravo boss Andy Cohen later heard of the “disgusting” controversy and immortality happy.