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Newly Leaked Pictures and Details for Season 2 of Rings of Power

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As production begins on Season 2 at Bray Studios in the UK, the showrunners of Lord of the Rings share with the press what will happen for fans. Fan Brotherhood leaks More photos from the Rings of Power set.

It looks like the newly minted Mordor is being recreated near Hankley Common in England, where The Sandman was filmed, with these newly leaked set images for S2.

Continuing with the official information about the upcoming season, THR describes a windowless room with artwork lining all the walls and outlines its plan to introduce more iconic locations, familiar Middle-earth characters, and more icons. two-part battle For Season 2 of Rings of Power. THR writes that McKay said the goal of the second season was to be “bigger and better” “on every level…by an order of magnitude”. S2 will take several years to complete, which means an estimated release of Fall 2024.

Those first few days are kind of a luxury for us because we’re just getting started and the guys are still writing the Season 2 script, you know, polishing it.

Lindsey Weber, Producer

Speaking to THR later, co-showrunner Patrick McKay puts Rings of Power’s Sauron story in the context of the highest TV landscape:

“Like Tony Soprano or Walter White. He’s bad, but he’s complexly bad. We felt that if we did that in season one, it would overshadow everything else. So it’s like season one. Batman Beginsand Black Knight The next movie where Sauron maneuvers in the open. We are really excited. The second season has a canonical storyline. ‘This is the story we hope to get in season one!’ viewers might say. We give it to them in the second season.”

DEADLINE asks McKay if season 2 will retell Sauron’s past and how he got to where he is. “I would say these are all good questions and questions need to be answered. Hopefully these are the new layers of onions that we can peel.”

About what will happen to the Sorcerer, Patrick McKay explains to Deadline: “The Tolkienian idea of ​​a journey and adventure with a wizard and a halfling seemed to us like a truly exciting and seductive new leg of the journey. The Stranger’s journey and Nori’s journey with him is a journey of discovery. And for him it is a process of self-discovery. He learns that he is an Istari in appearance, aka the mage. And he learns something else from the Mystics when they say that he is not Sauron, but the Other, which means that potentially his own destiny is in some way Sauron. “It’s implied that he’s entwined with his destiny. But that’s all he knows right now. And to find out more, he’ll have to go on another journey, and maybe a name or a name will become part of that journey.”

“Sauron is now a new piece on the board.”

Patrick Mckay

McKay has confirmed to Deadline that season 2 will include additional canon characters, including Shipwright Cirdan, who is expected to carry one of the three elven power rings.

Speaking to Empire Magazine:

“We felt it was crucial that season one was about reintroducing Middle-earth in this new era,” says McKay. “Introducing all these kingdoms and all these people and all these characters and knowing what’s important to them and what’s at stake, and hopefully doing it, you know, in an intense, exciting and enjoyable way.”

THR cover featuring JD Payne and Patrick McKay

In an extensive profile on Variety, Amazon Prime Studios boss Jennifer Salke provides all the support the Tolkien world needs. “We would always spend what we had to spend to do the right thing. I’m lucky to be working at this company where we want to be financially disciplined, but no one wanted to compromise on what it would look like visually.”

We want to set the bar that high. So he will get whatever he needs. But there is some urgency to act fast.

Jennifer Salke, President of Amazon Studios

Producer Lindsey Weber, “2. The season is fundamentally different, because our main villain is out and doing his job. I think it’s going to be sandier in some ways, more intense, maybe a little scarier. There are things we recorded, which were to be in the last part of the game. [S1] We thought, oh, it’s just too big to do right now, fit that into everything else and let’s save it and we’re actually doing some of that now in Season 2.”

Here are some leaked set photos for Season 2 taken at Bray Studios near Windsor, England. Send your Spy Reports anonymously to