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NXT recap and reactions (October 18, 2022): Going Home Theory

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NXT is bringing home a lot of favorites this week. It’s like something big is going on in wrestling that they’re aware of and want to look good for for some reason. Hmm. Not sure. Anyway, Geno runs the blog this week. She’s not Claire, but she will.

Let’s talk NXT!

It’s bleeding. We can kill him

Everyone who comes to Bron Breakker looks for weakness. The glitch in his system that provided an opening for W. Ilja Dragunov he believes he found when he accidentally headbutted Bron last week. Of course, it wasn’t for Bron, but he was glad it happened. He showed her that Bron was mortal.

The fact that we are where these two are facing off shows that JD’s plan is working, a fact that Kevin Owens pointed out when the three men were guests on The KO Show. KO is a human, so McDonagh’s spookiness put him off. Even during the episode, JD scared everyone with his mere presence. It came to me too, and I wasn’t even there.

You watch wrestling, you know how it is. In the end, everyone involved fought back, even though KO told them to calm down. When does anyone listen to this in wrestling? JD watched a bit as the two fought – clearly halloween havoc-but finally got involved in the action. More precisely, the action contained it.

But none of that is the big story here. None of the quirky character work between the three guys, or the comedy of KO, is a cliffhanger for NXT’s next big event. No, that honor belongs to Austin Theory.

The theory arose, briefcase in hand, implying breaking that contract for the NXT championship. This makes all the sense in the world based on the last few weeks of Theory. Rawplus the fact that he hasn’t beaten Roman Reigns at any point between now and WrestleMania. Dragunov, the last man standing in the ring, held the belt up and pretended Theory didn’t exist. This is fitting given the way both men portray their characters and how other wrestlers react to them.

It’s a nice wrinkle halloween havoc and really wonders if Bron’s championship time is up. There are currently four threats to his title and these are not very likely.

By far the best part of the night.


Company We

Beating Rhea Ripley was never an option for Roxanne Perez. Being smarter and faster than Ripley was the name of the game if he wanted any chance to get a W. And for a brief moment it was. Rhea dominated most of the match with sheer strength. It was the typical David and Goliath story. Of course, in this version it came equipped with Goliath, Dominik and the rest of the Doomsday. That was the difference of the game.

Now on the analytical level, that’s why I’m here, WWE put themselves in a difficult position. Rhea Ripley can’t lose to anyone in NXT, Roxanne aside. But Roxanne can’t seem weak as she enters. halloween havoc. Logic says there’s a ludicrous ending to the cards. But that’s not quite it here. Dom distracted Roxanne, but she didn’t really interfere. Of course, distraction turned out to be deadly when Perez took his eye off his opponent and caught a Wave of Waves, but distraction isn’t real interference. A DQ finish makes a lot of sense in this scenario, but that’s not what we’ve got. Roxanne looks like a competitor who isn’t smart enough to keep her attention completely on her opponent, instead of seeming like an outnumbered competitor who gives her everything.

le boo.

But There’s More…

Cora Jade vs. Raquel Rodriguez, Roxanne vs. She achieved the finish I wanted for Rhea. Cora tricked Raquel into hitting her with her kendo bat, the referee bell rang and Roxanne attacked her opponent, who was enjoying the glory of her cheap W. It was fun to see Roxanne get a little over Cora.

Stacked Bundles

Shinsuke Nakamura is back on NXT for at least one night. And all thanks to Tony D’Angelo. Nakamura served as Stacks’ punishment. And yes, it was a punishment. Don made a meal out of the fact that Stacks fell after two Kinshasas, but that’s also not true. the first kicked Stacks out of the ring, the second came when Stacks accepted the inevitable.


I got the fire

So, as I always say: Stay away from evasion angles, NXT. Mandy Rose emerged this week after Alba Fyre kidnapped her a few weeks ago. We have no explanation, no reasoning, no real solution. Only Mandy says Alba made the wrong move by kidnapping her. What? This much?

At this point, Alba defeated the rest of Toxic Attraction and Sonya Deville, then mingled with Mandy. Something about this feud isn’t working for me and Alba, who felt like a threat to this championship months ago, now looks like another bump in the road.

As for the match between Sonya and Alba, it was okay. But there just isn’t enough time. It is always a loss to show it packed.


Speaking of fast! Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams faced Wes Lee & Oro Mensah in a tag match that apparently lasted 5 minutes. It really went in a blink of an eye and you missed the game that started in the locker room and ended quickly in the ring. But it wasn’t the game itself; the point was to bring the opponents in the ladder match together in an orb of chaos. And that’s what we got after the bell rang.

Even though the “match” did nothing for me, I’m still high in this ladder match.

young gunz

Six-man tag was a lot of fun and really dope. OC joined Cameron Grimes for a fee against The Schism. Worked beautifully with Grimes, Gallows & Anderson. so much so that they looked like a group of three seniors. We got smooth interactions, fluid teamwork, and good contrast in styles. Schism also performed well, which makes it a shame that they’re stuck behind the current gimmick. However, the comments hit something very interesting for Joe Gacy: He despises Grimes for not being able to control him. Gacy feeds on easily manipulated minds and lost souls. Finding someone who isn’t his kryptonite. I love this one and I hope we get more.

OK, of course, got the W for his team because no one from the main roster is coming and getting an L this week.

The Host with the Most Owners… and Tanks

Shotzi is yours halloween havoc homeowner. I thought you should know. Oh and Chucky will be there too. I promise you. And Quincy Elliot is co-host thanks to a pretty strong victory over Xyon Quinn. Quinn continued to use her power futilely on Elliot, who was too much for that. Quincy reminded me of really old-fashioned Missy Elliot this week, either because of her last name or her attire. I greatly appreciated that.

And Hank is still in Quinn’s business. So yes, this is something that will happen very soon.

This was a very average version of NXT. Especially for the take-home show. Definitely preparing the scene halloween destruction, there were a lot of balls in the air creating a very hard juggling action. Sometimes, it wasn’t just compelling television. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad show, but it’s slightly below average. It still didn’t break my hopes halloween havoc none. So that’s a plus.

B level-

This is my note and I will stick to it. Your turn.