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Piers Morgan Interviews Kanye West About Antisemitic Statements – Rolling Stone

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Piers Morgan is gone In a new interview that will air on his channel Wednesday, he is condemned to fawning over Kanye West. piers uncensored West even praised the rapper after saying he was “absolutely not sorry” for his antisemitic remarks.

In a preview clip released before the show aired, the rapper calls Morgan “Karen” and adds, “You’re not responsible for my pain.”

“I’m not a Karen and I’m not going to cancel you and censor you, I’m just going to challenge you for what you say,” Morgan says.

While Morgan tries to tell the West about his antisemitic statements and that it is racism, West denies it.

“Do you now regret saying ‘the Jewish people are doomed to death’… Do you regret saying that?”

Kanye: “No… Absolutely not.” The clip later tells him, “I’m going to say I’m sorry for the people I hurt with Defcon. [comment], the confusion I caused. I felt like I was causing pain and confusion. I am also sorry for the families of the people who had nothing to do with the trauma I went through.”

Next comes Morgan praising him for some kind of apology. “This shows that he has the ability to be self-aware, to understand when he crosses a line. I think it’s someone who likes you with all your energy, creativity, and passion. You’re going to say something,” Morgan adds, giving West a pass, although the rapper didn’t actually apologize for what he said.

Of course, as Ye Ye, he seems to be holding back a bit in the clip, while also blocking out his hopeful 2024 presidential nomination. “I just want to say that holding an apology hostage is wrong and I want to get out of it and free myself from the trauma and say, ‘Look, I’m going to leave everything up to God now. And tell those families that I hurt you, you know, I really want to give you a big hug. And I want to say I’m sorry for hurting you with my comments. And I want to express it in a presidential way, not in a political way, which means I knew what a president was when I was growing up.”

During the interview, West also criticized President Biden for not listening to Elon Musk while claiming that the “one percent” should come together. “The US President has no meeting with Elon Musk,” West told Morgan. New York Post. “This is fucking – Hey, come, come get me – That’s so dumb. I know I shouldn’t say that, Biden, but this is so dumb Biden.” Struggling with bipolar disorder, West, perhaps sensing a social firestorm, added: “Because I was sane, all that. I have the right to use the words I like to use.”

A little over a week before their interview, Morgan had tweeted“The lockdown of Kanye West’s social media accounts is not an attack on freedom of speech, but a legitimate suppression of vile, untenable hate speech.”

West has sparked considerable controversy in recent weeks. Her Instagram and Twitter accounts were restricted after she tweeted last week that she would “go to death scam on the Jewish people”. Drink ChampionsHe doubled down on his antisemitic comments, stating that he believed Jews control the media, and claimed that George Floyd died from fentanyl around Floyd’s neck rather than a police officer’s knee.

Earlier in the week, Floyd’s family said they were considering suing West for his comments. Lee Merritt, attorney for the Floyd family, said: rolling rock The Floyd family feels “absolutely betrayed by his comments.” On Tuesday, Roxie Washington, the mother of Floyd’s daughter, announced plans to file a $250 million lawsuit against West and others on behalf of Floyd’s underage child.