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Requiem's ​​Rule of Rats, But Insects Aren't Welcome

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Amicia comforts Hugo in A Plague Tale: Requiem.

Screenshot: Asobo Studio

Often times, sweaty black garbage bags on the sidewalk start to move as you walk through Brooklyn. There’s a popping sound coming from the plastic. Then a fat pink tail or a nose pops up, or a matted, greasy gray fur shines, and I bark at the realization: It’s a goddamn rat.

There is no creature on the planet I hate more than a damn rat. We would cross paths during the day and share an apartment despite the rats, as far as I know, he lacked the technology to use a rental portal. But no matter how much rat exposure I get, how often my friends are begging me to rebrand the rocking thing. mini monsters Hearing their familiar rustle as “cute,” I guess, is enough to fill my somewhat sensitive heart with a sharp killing intent. So in this sense, A Plague Tale: Lamentation perfect game for me.

An 11-Minute Plague Tale: Lament

The sequel to 2019’s stealth, creepy puzzle game A Plague Tale: Innocence, lament while still translating the eerie voice actors’ accents from French to British, it presents moral dilemmas similar to the original. Guess the Hundred Years’ War and its consequences.

Again, players must guide 15-year-old Amicia and her five-year-old Hugo siblings, flocks of mice he can control with the Prima Macula, which turns Hugo’s veins purple through 14th-century France, swarming with tectonic plates of howling, roaring diseased mice. rapidly destroying his tiny body. Six months after the first time, just when the Rune family thought it was time to be happy.

Now, as Hugo’s condition worsens and the rats are destroying France even more, it’s time to find a cure. like innocenceYou seek a cure by sneaking around soldiers and rats, crafting useful gunpowder and explosives with alchemy, and shooting headshots with Amicia’s trusty slingshot, where players scavenge around members of the Inquisition for their noble blood. But lament expands and deepens the satisfaction of these options.

The setting itself is a spectacle, a black-and-white cookie, sometimes illuminated by the scorching-orange sun of the Mediterranean coast, sometimes flecked with flies as Amicia strolls around the game’s piles of trashed, burned, and forgotten corpses. lament it’s also heavy on vibration feedback, and crouching between thick grass braids and the misplaced shine of lavender always feels good and stretchy.

As the game progresses, you’ll graduate by avoiding the soldiers hunting Amicia, who jumps from a normal girl to total murder, or the hairy swirls of rats that are afraid of light and fire. The combination requires different ways of thinking depending on the friend next to you. For example, alchemy apprentice Lucas executes Amicia by creating fire, extinguishing it, or directing rats wherever he wishes through a combination of found chemicals and weapons, including the deadly girl’s newly acquired crossbow. Other characters, such as Arnaud, a big bearded soldier, can attack on your behalf, and Hugo’s connection with the mice has been strengthened so he can not only guide them, but also see them from their yellowed perspective and quickly take down enemies.

Sneaking around soldiers and rats or soldiers and rats is a bit tiring after a 15 hour journey. lamentThere’s over 20 hours of playtime like me – lots of supplies to collect, torches to put out, and mouse knots that you pretty much have to avoid until you get the idea.

While the puzzles are repetitive, I was pleased with myself every time Amicia somehow managed to take down the javelin-carrying, armored men with a few pebbles, especially during an intense problem or one of the game’s confusing “boss” scenes. and arrows. solving lamentIts puzzles often sound rewarding, as completing any decent puzzle should, but a lot of that satisfaction comes from the fact that there are so many bugs on the PS5. When I finally managed to avoid them, I wanted to celebrate.

Bugs, bugs! As I said before, I’m a hundred percent true mouse hater, but lament they approach rats in such a hideous way—thousands of them form a swaying pond in the unlit land, pierce stone buildings, tear down ceilings, and smother everything with an unwelcome embrace—respect. And as Amicia cools, hardened by the numbness of men, the frivolity of her family’s situation, the buzzing rat carpet provides a morbid motivation to keep killing, to stand by her fragile brother with her inhuman strength.

A Plague Tale: A sunset in Requiem.

The environments of the game can be spectacular.
picture: Asobo Studio

Mice gave me disgusting pleasure. It was like seeing a friend from high school on TV. However, existing bugs, which are still annoyingly persistent even after downloading the game’s first day’s update, ruin it all too often.

I can get mice, but there are probably too many for a next-gen console to handle. One frustrating issue that often chewed up my playtime was mice going where they shouldn’t. Mice roaming under torches and immediately killing Amicia. Rats suddenly appeared on the illuminated stairs and immediately killed Amicia. Mice that wouldn’t move even if I broke a fire jar that exploded over their heads. Again, killing Amicia right away.

And on two occasions, my NPC friend refused to move and let me move on to the next part of the game. I’m still stuck in one of those situations. I couldn’t progress in lament since last night because no matter how many times I restart or rewrite my console or save file, Arnaud keeps walking towards a wall. I can’t leave the rat infested cave I’m in without it because the game won’t let me. I can’t stay either, because there’s nothing to do but get eaten by rats. But Arnaud keeps walking towards a wall.

lamentThe boring moments of . Amicia’s seesaw ideals, always toppled between her blind rage at a government that has responded to the disease with indifference, and the adult guilt for not giving her already much-demand family more of herself, struck me and reminded me of the moral questions I grappled with. as we navigate our own 21st century epidemic.

“This world hurts. And it continues to hurt. Lucas tells Amicia in one of his darker moments, after he sweats like he’s going to pass out. “But you’re not them.”

The game’s gorgeous score, a heart tucked in by shipwreck strings, highlights these moments of understanding between me and Amicia, the two older sisters of choice. Fortunately, my choices rarely involve escaping the tidal waves of rats my brother spawned, but still, I avoid them when they pop out of garbage bags. Understood. I want to spend more time in Amicia’s flat house while I process mine. But insects unfortunately do not allow.