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'Sex and the City' star, '70s disco diva reveals latest 'Masked Singer'

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After being thwarted by a baseball game delayed by the weather last week and delayed by an hour this week due to the MLB playoffs, masked singer finally returned to air this Wednesday with a new group of three contestants, and all eight seasons of the show’s run seemed to go up to this belated moment: Andrew Lloyd Webber Night! When you think about it, AWB’s Phantom of the Opera was the original Masked Singer, and of course, cats Decades ago there were singing stars in ridiculously feathered outfits. Clearly, masked singer guest judge was the role Webber was born to play.

This week, disappointingly, no one dressed as a cat or ghost. But we had Mermaid, Corn, and Robo Girl (once again this show proves it’s real). completely Running out of character ideas), all the song classics from the famous Webber songbook, competing to join the previous band’s “reigning queen” Arp (aka Amber Riley) in the Season 8 semifinals.

By the end of the hour-long episode, two of these three contestants had already been eliminated, with only Robo Girl advancing. (He is now new That’s why she’ll be competing against two new celebrities next week.) Both Egypt and Mermaid have given solid performances in previous seasons, at least enough to qualify them for the next round. So, before I summarize their early revelations, let me complain (Again!) About how season 8’s new format has absorbed all the fun of what used to be America’s favorite pastime.

masked singer This season has implemented a major format change—a season where Fox boasted a super-sized cast of 22 mysterious cosplayers—possibly to lure William Shatner, Eric Idle, or other celebrities. sarcastic group Players who may not want to commit to more than a single episode. Almost instantly every week of Season 8 couple-elimination, thus taking away the audience’s chance to play at home and study each contestant’s clues for a few weeks. As a result, no episode of this season has been particularly compelling, and – as I mentioned in the previous paragraph – the few singers who might have had the chance to make it to the semi-finals under different circumstances went home after just one performance. Many viewers on social media have complained about this format change, so hopefully Fox’s powers will take note and straighten the course in Season 9 before the once huge show’s ratings plummet further.

OK, take it easy. And that brings us to this week’s two disappearing characters, Egypt and the Mermaid. When the former contestant first appeared on stage, judge Nicole Scherzinger shouted, “This is corn!” she cried. and she instantly reminded me of that corn-loving YouTube kid. I expected Egypt to give a stale performance. Oh my god Superstar“Heaven on Their Mind” but actually a-corn-ing. It started with a deep, resonant and androgynous sound that reminded me of Grace Slick’s “White Rabbit” and then really let it rip. Webber was so impressed that he said to Egypt, “Whoever you are, I have a piece of advice for you: Become a professional!” said.

Webber also said of Egypt, “He’s fine, but he’s young,” which completely flatters the man in the costume, which host Nick Cannon describes as “a big piece of corn”: It turned out to be the 62-year-old comedian. and Sex and the City actor Mario Cantone. (Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg guessed right from the “city” and “moved” cues – another complaint I have about this fast new format is that the entertainers are almost unequal. to try to further confuse the audience, by stuffing the hint packets of each and-done rejection with obvious references.) “You know, the best thing is that you say I’m young,” Mario joked.

The Mermaid was the other reveal of the night and “Any Dream Will Do” Joseph and the Incredible Technicolor Dreamcoat While it wasn’t the ideal song to showcase her range between scales, Webber was still impressed and estimated Mermaid “one of the greatest singers of all time”, Gloria Estefan.

The Pisces diva turned out to be Gloria… gaynor.

Robin Thicke guesses right because of the very easy clues about this Gloria’s horrific accident “falling on a stone” (in 1978 Gaynor fell on a stage monitor and suffered a serious back injury), “surviving” and “turning pain into suffering” found. an anthem.” (Another clue about the Library of Congress was another important clue: In 2016, the Library chose Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” for preservation on the National Register.) “We guessed you every season, and we were wrong. And I got a feeling from the Tips and that voice and we were so honored. You look gorgeous. You sang wonderfully. Thank you for blessing us,” Robin said, before Gloria blessed the audience with an unmasked farewell performance, “I Will Survive.”

Like I said, an outstanding disco diva like Gloria Gaynor could have definitely survived her first week had she competed in another season. However, that result left Robo Girl as the last mask standing this week, after she completely slayed “Bad Cinderella” and faced the Mermaid and “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina”.

Robo Girl’s tips were a little trickier, as the producers clearly planned to be on her side. Missy Elliott, I’m not entirely sure what the reference is to being in the shadow of Pharrell Williams. and David Blaine was all about it, but “Steppin’ up” was also a clue, so this could be dancer/singer/actress Alyson Stoner, known for her moves in Missy and Pharrell videos. Step Up dance franchise Alyson has also released 12 singles, including one “Pretty Girls”.

However, a surfboard visual cue and lyrics about “a magical fandom” and “quite a little spotlight” suggest it could be Teen Choice Awards winner/host, actress, and country singer Lucy Hale. Pretty Little Liars She starred in 2007’s short-lived lead role bionic woman reboot (the ultimate robo-girl!) and it appeared A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Time Song. Sofia Carson, star A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits and Pretty Little Liars: The PerfectionistIt is also a strong possibility.

Come back next Wednesday, (with the exception of the rain-delayed, Fox televised sporting events) Robo Girl will be back to defend the reigning queen crown against two new contenders – and the two contestants will be heading home very soon. See you later.

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