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'She-Hulk': Charlie Cox talks Matt Murdock and The Return of Daredevil

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MARVEL.COM: Your time in Episode 8 is split almost evenly between lawyer Matt Murdock and Daredevil Matt Murdock. Who are you most excited to replace? Was it Daredevil, or was it Lawyer Matt, or are they just one and the same now?

CHARLIE COX: The new suit really got me excited. I was really excited to wear this and debut. and as they say, if you buy a new car, stretch your legs a little to see how it sits and moves and that sort of thing. I was just really excited to wear it, just to sit down and wear it. But in terms of character, I think of them as the same person, just the same person in two different frames of mind.

It’s really more about the scenes. Doing the bar scene with Matt Murdock as Tatiana was really fun because of the nature of that scene and how quick-witted, funny and flirtatious. I was really excited for this. Overall, we don’t need to see enough of what Matt has been up to.

But he also had some really funny, back-and-forth kind of irritating conversations with She-Hulk on rooftops or something, and that’s something we’ve never done. The closest we got to that was perhaps the scene on the roof with The Punisher. [in Daredevil Season 2]. But it was anger and frustration, and I was hooked, and it was a completely different side of Matt that I was excited to explore and try.

MARVEL.COM: How does it feel to play this new Matt, who is no longer overwhelmed by the weight of the world? She is very confident in herself. she is so attractive She Hulk.

CHARLIE COX: I spoke with Marvel Studios a little bit about where it came from. Where is the headspace? What’s going on? I don’t think we really know what will happen next. I certainly didn’t know anything new when we were shooting. daring show me i think [Marvel Studios] was to find out what the next right thing was for this character.

What I like to think about is, when he goes out to do this little job that is to defend and represent Luke Jacobson in this case, whatever his world is in Hell’s Kitchen, he kind of sees it. almost like a vacation. That’s why his mindset is out of sight, out of his mind – whatever’s going on in New York right now, he stays out of it for a few days while he deals with his case.

When he’s there, he feels like a weight has been lifted, and he can put it aside mentally and just have fun. Then there’s some kind of fun little romance and then it ties into all that stuff with Leap-Frog as we see the episode unfold. I saw this as a different side of Matt, but maybe not because he was different from what he was in the past or who he will be in the future, but mainly because it was Matt Murdock who was on a bit of a vacation.

MARVEL.COM: I love the moment he almost creates a lane fight scene in Episode 8, and as a viewer I daringIt was like, oh my god are we going to get another one?

CHARLIE COX: So cool. i read this. It was very clever. It’s very clever and good because it’s cool because at least you have some. It starts so you’ll feel like, oh, cool, we have a stunt fight scene in the hallway. But then there’s the perfect mic drop moment when She-Hulk enters the room. That was very clever. Jessica Gao is amazing. I absolutely loved working with him. I thought their script was sensational and it was a real treat.

MARVEL.COM: Are some of these fight scenes just muscle memory for you right now?

CHARLIE COX: Yes and no. Yes, as long as I’ve done enough, I can do many things now. At the same time, I felt pretty rusty. knowing we are prepared Daredevil: Reborn How, I started doing some kind of MMA training again. It’s something I want to be more familiar with when we get into the other show, so that when we see him in combat, we can sometimes recognize him and not just someone who’s a bit of a brawler. he is trained in various disciplines and can use certain techniques depending on who he is fighting.

MARVEL.COM: You’ve joined the MCU. Daredevil is back. Everyone is over the moon on this one. Is there anything you want to say to the fans who have been officially begging for this to happen over the past few years?

CHARLIE COX: I have a lot of things I want to say. Whatever happens to my career from that point forward, I owe much of it to the Save Daredevil campaign. Even when I lost hope years ago, they did not lose and continued to campaign and support. And I’ve met many of them over the years, and they’re such an enthusiastic, passionate crowd.

Daredevil is an incredible character. Being offered that role and being able to play it has been a great honor for my career. I had so much fun with him. It changed my life irrevocably. And when the show ended, despite the disappointment of the journey ending, I felt like we did a good job and we had a great time and could only be grateful for what we had.

Being invited back and starting over almost feels a bit like a dream. It feels too good to be true. I am very excited for the future. I can’t wait to get on the set from day one of the new show. I’m already starting training. As you know, living and studying already, chatting with writers, etc. I started making plans. That’s why it’s starting to feel very real.

Actually, I got an e-mail this morning from a friend of mine saying she’d been asked to audition for a role. He obviously didn’t know which episode it was, but it started to feel very real. I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to play this role. I feel so lucky to have been given such an incredible role to play. There are many people to thank.

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