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The Sims 4 Free to Play: How to Get Started

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sims It is an iconic life simulation game with a strong following despite more than two decades on the market. the game was soon an escape for many of its players and a safe haven for exploration.

Electronic Arts and Maxis’ latest iteration of the game, The Sims 4, introduces its base game free download, you will still need to purchase the downloadable content packs you want. If you haven’t jumped into the majority of Sims yet, or if you’re new to the game, we’ll tell you all the basics of the game.

Where can I play Sims?

You can play The Sims on PC on Origin, the EA app, and Steam, as well as on PS4 and Xbox. Sims 4 Freeplay and Sims 4 Mobile are also available.

Can I still have fun without buying all the extra DLC packs?

You definitely can! If you need inspiration, there are dozens of creators on YouTube with videos dedicated to basic gameplay builds. Simmers also reviews packages online; this can help you decide whether you should buy one or the other.

Also, The Sims 4 is constantly updating its gameplay and adding new items. Simmers will receive a Sims Delivery Express approximately once a month that adds new free content to the base game. If you want more free extras, see the Tricks section of this article to learn about Debugging items.

The Sims 4 High School Years is one of the newest expansions to come out.


Here are the different Sims 4 DLC types:

  • Expansion packs Bigger versions with a new goal, aspirations, pre-made characters as well as lots of builds and purchase items, Build a Sim items, and more.
  • Game packs Similar to expansion packs, but usually smaller. Sometimes game packs introduce a new neighborhood, vacation spot, or aspiration. These packs will also include Create-A-Sim content as well as new build and purchase items.
  • Material packages revolves around a specific theme, but does not include new neighborhoods and may or may not present a new request for your Sim. Material packs focus more on creating and purchasing and Building a Sim content.
  • kitsQuite recent additions to The Sims 4 are smaller versions of Stuff Packs. The kits are the cheapest to purchase, but also contain the least number of new items. With a Kit you will have access to a few pieces of furniture, clothing or decor.

While starting

Before you can start playing The Sims 4, you need to make a Sim (or Sims) to play. This happens in Create-A-Sim. After entering the Sims 4 main menu, New game To enter the builder screen

Example of a pre-made Sim in Create A Sim

This Sim was created automatically when I opened Create-A-Sim in The Sims 4.

Shelby Brown/CNET

make new sim

When you start a new game, The Sims 4 will automatically generate a random Sim for you. You can dive and start creating or choose. Create Sim Story. This option provides extra guidance when creating your character. Create a Sim Story goes through a series of questions that help shape your Sim’s personality. If you complete the test, the game will generate your Sim’s requests and attributes based on your answers. Creating your Sim manually is still an option if you’re not happy with the Sim Story tool that locks your Sim’s information. After entering the game, you can change the aspirations and change their properties with cheats.

Menu to customize your Sim in The Sims 4

Create-A-Sim lets you make your Sim exactly the way you want.

Shelby Brown/CNET

If you are creating your sim manually, Click on plumbob To customize your Sim’s name, age, gait style, voice, gender, sexual orientation and pronouns (prism shape) in the upper left corner of the screen. Click the hexagon set To customize your Sim’s aspirations, personality traits, and likes and dislikes. Click on your sim to start customizing clothes, skin details, hairstyles, makeup, accessories, body type and more.

Create a Sim aspiration menu

Aspirations help guide your Sim’s goal in life.

Shelby Brown/CNET

If all these customizations sound more stressful than exciting, click the dice icon and the game will randomly select your Sim for you.

You can add more Sims to your family. clicking the plus icon It’s next to your finished Sim in the bottom left corner of the screen. From there you can create another Sim from scratch, download one from the gallery, play with genetics or use the Create a Sim Story tool. When you’re done click the checkmark in the lower right corner to start playing.

Neighborhoods and moving

Now your Sim needs a place to live. After creating your Sim, you will be taken to the Resident World menu. If you’re only using the base game, you’ll have access to suburban Willow Creek, desert-themed Oasis Springs, and Newcrest, an empty neighborhood you can fill with whatever you want.

If you’re playing with a Sim, you’ll start with 20,000 Simoleons, the in-game currency that limits where you can live unless you buy a vacant lot and buy a vacant lot. Really start from scratch. When you choose a home to start with, you can choose to buy it pre-furnished or unfurnished, which will save you some money.

Build Mode

Build Mode opens up options for customizing your Sim’s environment. To access the Build/Buy catalog tools icon in the upper right corner of the screen. From there you can buy and sell items, place and customize items.

You can also build a house from scratch (retail, event venue, restaurant, etc.) here, select pre-made rooms, sort items by room and function, and access your home inventory. If you have run out of vacant lots, you can choose to demolish an existing land and build it from scratch.

Build mod in The Sims 4

Build & Buy Mode in The Sims 4 lets you customize your Sim’s environment, from furniture to wall colors and more.

Shelby Brown/CNET

Sims 4 gallery

The gallery lets you view other players’ creations, keep up with The Sims news, showcase your own creations, and save the things you love to your library. For example, if none of the current houses surprise you, you can open the gallery and search the Start Home to find original designs from other players. You can filter your search results from the left menu to avoid the frustration of finding an artwork made with special content or bundles you don’t have. From there you can like the lot, place it in your game or save it to your library.

sims 4 games

Your Sim’s Whims, Moodlets and feelings will be displayed in the left corner of the screen.

Shelby Brown/CNET

Gameplay basics

When you’re ready to play, select a house on your neighborhood map and click the big Play button in the right corner of the screen. Everything you need to play is located at the bottom of the screen. Here is a dump:

You’ll see a picture of your Sim in the left corner. Thought bubbles flying over their heads are Whims – quick events or interactions that you can complete for Satisfaction Points. Completing whims is not required for the game. This part of the screen also shows your household money and your Sim’s ledger, cell phone and calendar.

As you progress through the game, your Sim will earn Moodlets, or factors that determine your Sim’s mood. For example, if your Sim loses a friend, pet, or family member, they will receive a grieving Moodlet.

Sims 4 gameplay

The right corner of your game screen gives more details in your Sim’s life.

Shelby Brown/CNET

At the bottom center of the screen you’ll find the basic controls — Pause, Normal Speed ​​(play), Fast Speed ​​(fast forward), and Ultra Speed ​​(fast, fast forward). You will also be able to see the day and time of the week.

The lion’s share of controls are located in the lower right corner of the screen. Here you can track your Sim’s Aspiration progress, career, skill development, relationships, check their inventory, view their traits, earned lifestyle and reputation, as well as their needs and social groups.


If you’ve ever found yourself in a game routine, there are dozens of ways to brush up on your Sims 4 experience.


At some point you’ll have a hard time finding someone who hasn’t cheated while playing The Sims. The game even has a special page for cheats. To open the cheat code text field Ctrl + Shift + C on a Windows PC or Command + Shift + C on a Mac. From there, type cheat try, test cheats right or test cheats yes. We have a detailed master list of The Sims 4 cheats, but here are a few favourites:

  • Fatherland: Adds 50,000 Simoleons to household funds
  • bb.move objects: Placement rules no longer apply when moving objects in Build Mode
  • bb.showhiddenlineobjects: Adds extra objects in Purchase Mode
  • bb.showliveeditobjects: Adds even more items in Purchase Mode after entering the previous cheat.
  • FreeReal Estate [on/off]: Use in Neighborhood/World view to make all areas free.

Challenges and scenarios

The sky is the limit when it comes to gameplay in The Sims, but it’s easy to get into molds and get bored. The Sims gaming community has left you with challenges. Creators from all corners of the internet have written game and story lines with specific parameters and goals to achieve, such as Rags to Riches and 100 Baby Challenge.

The Sims 4 added a built-in difficulty version called Scenarios. In the game’s main menu, click Play Scenario to choose from stories like Finding Love After A Breakup, Too Many Little Kids, Super Rich Super Villains, and more.