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What We Learned From The Spurs' Disappearance To The Hornets

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It seems certain that the last few seasons of Spurs basketball could be categorized as ‘rebuild years’, but it has always been kind of difficult to pinpoint exactly when it started. Maybe it was when Kawhi Leonard left. Maybe it was when they missed the playoffs. Maybe it was a DeMar DeRozan trade. Who can say? The Spurs certainly put up a good fight while developing young talent for a while while trying to build a competitive team, so to speak, and that got us on an interesting little outing. However, the time for messing up is clearly over, and the real, dirty job of starting over is finally here. O mighty ones, mind our works and despair.

It won’t be nice. We know this. We’ve seen it on the horizon for a while and felt it in our bones, but it’s still jarring to face it. The Spurs will likely be one of the worst teams in the NBA this year, and they will do it on purpose. this still it’s a tough thing to wrap my brain around. I understand the reasons and I understand why it’s the way to go. I don’t think I’ve properly calibrated my attitude yet.

I entered the first game of the season thinking it would be fun. I was excited to see some of our returning players come out with new skills in the off-season, and I was intrigued to watch our cool-haired rookie make it into the starting roster. I thought it would be a loss, sure, but in the process we’re going to see some unbridled teenagers being released and playing pure basketball out there. This sounds great in theory. Back to our roots! A reason to fall in love with the game again. Instead, the operation just felt… pointless.

I do not know. Maybe I’m just not smart enough to see the improvement here. I’m sure it does. I have not lost my faith that Gregg Popovich is a great coach or anything like that. I’m sure there has been incredible work behind the scenes, and I’m sure many lessons were learned last night that will bear fruit for the future. Shoot it, it seems I saw it had an aux cable He was at practice the other day and playing a lot of James Taylors for the kids. This is next level Mr. Miagi type of training. have operating on a level I could not even imagine. I want us all to remember this moment 10 years later when everyone is singing ‘Fire and Rain’ at the championship parade.

None of this really helps my Wednesday, does it? It does not relieve the pain of watching all the accumulation of a new season going on around us and feeling as if we are sitting here on the sidelines. Realizing that our favorite team will be out in the wild for a while and we’ll be unable to help isn’t sanding the edges. Hard. We’ve been extraordinarily blessed as San Antonio Spurs fans over the years, and I never, ever want to seem like I’m taking this achievement for granted, but I also hope this place, where we are, is a safe place. He was allowed to feel a little sorry for that. The bill for all the beauty we have witnessed in the last twenty years is finally coming. Maybe that’s just the atonement we have to pay.

I will shake it. I promise. We will work together and find something to hold on to this season. We will find the light and we will go towards it. Will be. It’s all part of the process. It may only take a minute. I think I got caught up on the “opening night” of everything. It was supposed to be a night filled with optimism. Everyone is 0-0 and anything can happen. The world is at your fingertips until the ball is thrown into the air in midfield. You can deceive yourself by believing anything.

Until you can’t.

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  • Woof, sorry, I didn’t want to go there in the dark without jumping. Rebuild! Not for the faint of heart!
  • But basketball was bad. You guys…it was bad. I want to come here and do a real movie analysis of what went wrong against the Hornets, but I don’t know, I don’t think I’m ready to think critically about anything we do out there. yet. This is….well, let’s say the team is pretty raw. If we are building a sculpture, then we can safely say that we are still in the clay phase of things.
  • Keldon Johnson…he looked good. No, he did. He did a nice double-double and showed that he’s a really good player that we know he can be. It’s hard not to be a little worried for him this year. A large part of the burden of everything will fall on his big shoulders. Not to mention the basketball part. Sure, we want him to lead on points, defense and rebounds, but is he also basically the senior leader of the team right now? Like what? This seems very unfair to him. KJ was designed to be the fun, young, energetic guy who walks in and lights up with cool dunks. Is she ready to be the face of the series like…? I do not know. Hopefully. I’m rooting for it.
  • The jerseys are so cool. We’ve wanted them for years and now they’re here… yes. They’re so cool. They have a very obvious aftertaste like “hey, the team’s going to be bad, here’s some fun stuff to distract you” but, well, what are you going to do? All this season it will be an exercise to play the hand that has been dealt to you.

WWL Post-Match Press Conference

– We lost you there for a while at the end of last season. Where did you go?

– I’ve had a baby.

What? Get out, I didn’t know that. Congratulations! So, you had a baby and things got a little crazy and you decided to wait until things calmed down before you started typing again?

– It certainly seemed like the right thing to do.

– So now everything is calm in the country?

– No way. My life is at the mercy of a relentless chaos machine wearing footed pajamas with dinosaurs on them. Always whole bananas. The idea that I could put together five coherent sentences for this website once in every two games is pretty ridiculous.

Wait, then why did you come back?

– I think it’s pretty clear that this kind of chaos is exactly what the team needs.

– Is the baby so cute?

– Most lovely.